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Nov. 15

Swift, “J.D. Vance is Imploding,” The Bulwark, 11.11.21.

Todd, “Political Typology,” Data Download, Meet the Press, 11.14.21. (Video, 3:45 min)

Holland & Morgan, “Biden plans big infrastructure bill . . . ,” Reuters, 11.12.21.

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Nov. 8

“Police case gave Supreme Court chance . . . It Whiffed,” USA Today

“Biden Vaccine face test . . .” Associated Press

“Wokeness Derails Democrats,” New York Times

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Nov. 1

“A post-Trump Test looms in Virginia Election,” Associated Press

“Virginia Governor’s Race Will be  . . . Culture Wars,” The New Yorker

“15 Races to Watch,” Politico.Com


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Oct. 24

“Third Parties on the Horizon . . .” RealClearPolitics.Com

“Can Dems make the Mid-Terms about Republicans?” Cook Political Report

“Biden is Losing Ground . . .” CNN.com

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Oct. 17

Varsity Blues, CNBC Part I (3:06) and Part II (1:23)

“PA Cannabis . . . Dire Consequences,” RealClearPolitics.com.

“Trump telling Republicans not to vote . . . GOP nightmare,” MSNBC.com, 10.14.21.


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Oct. 11

“Facebook is Not the Town Square, The Bulwark, (PG)

“How Younkin can Still Win . . .,” Washington Examiner

“Biden Won’t invoke Executive Priviledge . . . ,” Associated Press


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Oct. 4

“R. Kelly convicted of luring Women . . . ,” Reuters

“Do I buy . . . Virginia Governor’s Race?” 538 & ABC (1:20 min.)

“Abortion, guns, religion . . . SCOTUS,” Associated Press


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Sept. 27

“Poll Numbers Down, Justices . . . aren’t Politicians,” AP

Peril Details Capitol Riot and Trump’s last-ditch effort . . . ,” NPR


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Sept. 20


“Virginia’s Governor Race: Key Takeaways from 1st Debate,” Richmond Times-Dispatch

“New Redistricting Commissions Splinter along Partisan Lines,” Associated Press

“Lawyers, Race, and Money: the Illinois Messy Weed Experiment,” Politico

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Sept. 13

“Is Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Smart politics or ‘Civil War’?”  New York Magazine

“Here’s What to Know about the California Recall,” CNBC

“Why There Will Never Be a Good 9/11 Movie,” InsideHook (PG)

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Aug. 30

“Biden: Another Attack Likely . . .” Associated Press

“Florida Starts Turning on DeSantis,” Politico.com

“Robert Kennedy’s Assassin Granted Parole . . .” USA Today

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Aug. 23

“Just How Big a Mess the California Recall Is,” Slate

“No Vaccination? Americans back tough rules . . .” USA Today

“Explainer: . . . What is Critical Race Theory?” Associated Press

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Aug. 16

“Afghanistan: Why is there a War?” Associated Press

“An Open Letter to Joe Biden on Afghanistan,” The Bulwark

“Cuomo: Pandemic Hero to Political Pariah,” National Public Radio

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May 17

Explainer: “Why is Gaza Always Mired in Conflict?” Associated Press

“Mask? No Mask? New Rules Leave Americans Recalibrating,” New York Times

“Republicans have Dumped Reagan for Trump,” The Hill


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May 10

“The Complicated Case of the PA Cheerleader,” The New Yorker

“Liz Cheney and the Big Lie,” New York Times

“Caitlyn Jenner’s Long Game,” Politico

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May 3

“Sheriff to Seek Body Cam Footage,” Associated Press

“Public Access to Police BWC Recordings,” American Bar Association

“The Prosecutors of Derek Chauvin,” 60 Minutes (13:18 min).

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“GOP White House Hopefuls . . . [and] Trump,” Associated Press

“The Consummate D.C. Insider . . . [John Boehner’s Book],” People

“How the Supreme Court Helped create ‘Driving While Black,’” Politico.com

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Apr. 11

Portman, “Stopping the Crisis at the Border, RealClearPolitics, 4.9.21.

Fritze, “Supreme Court leaves major Conservative Cases Waiting,” USA Today, 4.11.21.

Ramsey Clark Obituary, Associated Press, 4.11.21.

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Apr. 4

“What does the GA Voting Law do?” Associated Press

“In Moving All-Star Game, Another Sport Flexes its Activist Muscles,” New York Times

“Why Matt Gaetz’s Days . . . are numbered,” CNN.com

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Mar 29

“The Disgrace that was the Biden Press conference,” The Hill

“The Real Border Crisis, The Atlantic

“Powell’s Pathetic Dominion Defamation Defense,” The Bulwark

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Mar 22

Executive Order 13988, Discrimination of the Basis of Gender ID

“Why Arkansas Girls Act Levels the Playing Field,” RealClearPolitics.Com

Voting Rights—Then and Now,” RealClearPolitics.Com,

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Mar 15

“Biden Title IX Bid . . . Will Meet its Match . . .” New York Post

“Supreme Court . . . voting rights . . . filibuster,” Salon

“Americans Support Massive Stimulus,” Gallup

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Mar. 8

“Schumer leads Dems  . . . on Covid Aid,” Politico

“Biden to Sign Executive Order promoting Voter Access,” USA Today

“Arrogant Andrew Cuomo Faces a Fall,” New York Post

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Mar. 1

“Biden and Khashoggi,” The Bulwark

“U.S Bombs Facilities in Syria,” Associated Press

“Supreme Court wrestles with Warrantless Searches,” USA Today

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Feb. 22.

Subramanian, “Why Biden is Standing Firm on . . . Tandeen,” USA Today

Suderman, “Biden’s Coronavirus Relief Package . . .” Reason

Lach, “The Sound and Fury of Andrew Cuomo,” New Yorker, (long, language).

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Feb. 15.

Donald J. Trump, Post-Impeachment Statement

“…Acquittal shows . . . Trumpism Pandemic,” USA Today

“Why Impeachment Evidence Tested TV Standards, Associated Press

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Feb. 8

“Biden says minimum wage . . . ,” USA Today

“What is Q Anon?” New York Times

Sen. Ben Sasse, Message to Nebraska GOP, YouTube (5:07)

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Feb. 1

Wehle, “Where’s the Chief?” The Bulwark

“Biden’s Orders are Essential to Restoring Democracy,” The Nation

“Our Gerald Ford Moment,” Pittsburg Post-Gazette

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Jan. 25

Linskey, “A Look Inside Biden’s Oval Office,” Washington Post

Hayes and King, “The Second Trump Impeachment Trial. What Happens Next?” USA Today

McCarthy, “Ron Klain: What to Know About Biden’s Chief of Staff,” FOX News

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Dec. 14

“Reality Check for Trump . . . Judges Aren’t Pawns,” USA Today

“Biden Asks for Waiver . . . Defense Pick,”  New York Times

“What’s in Store . . . Electoral College,” Associated Press

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Dec. 7

“First Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine . . . in the U.K.,” NPR

“Clyburn Flexes Muscle on DNC pick,” Politico

Associated Press, “How Does AP Choose which Lawsuits to Cover?”

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Nov. 29

Qiblawi, et al, “Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Killed . . .” CNN.com, 11.28.20.

Nate Silver, “COVID-19’s Was a Factor . . . [on Pre-Election Polls], 538.com, 11.23.20.

Scott Pelley, “Chris Krebs on the Election, Fraud accusations,” 60 Minutes, 11.29.20

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Nov. 16

“The Trump Campaign Can’t find a Judge . .” ProPublica

“Republican Leaders . . . on ploy” USA Today

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Nov. 9

“National Exit Polls, 2020,” New York Times

“How Pennsylvania Was Won,” Politico

“Why Georgia is about to become the center of the political universe,” CNN

Current Events Questions USGOPO 11.2.20 (PDF)


“What’s Changed With Polling Since 2016?” NPR, (6 min audio).

Brokaw, Recalling 1980 and 2000 Presidential Elections, (4:51 min).

“U.S. Newspaper Endorsement: Do They Matter?” Press-Gazette (UK)

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Stracqualursi , “’Trump signs executive order . . .,” CNN 

Everett, “Biden’s Court ‘punt’ Gets Lukewarm Response,” Politico

Werner and Stein, “Mnuchin downbeat on economic relief talks with Pelosi…,” Washington Post

Current Events Questions USGOPO 10.26.20 (MS Word)


Givhan, “Dueling Town Halls,” Washington Post

Schaefer, “Ancient Greeks and Ranked Choice Voting,” RealClearPolicy.com

Stahl, The Lincoln Project,” 60 Minutes (13:36 min)

Current Events Questions USGOPO 10.19.20 (PDF)
Trump’s woes raise GOP fears of a blue wave, NBC
“Don’t Assume Gen Z will Show Up,” Real Clear Politics
Biden will answer court-packing question ‘when the election is over.’ CNN

Current Events Questions USGOPO 10.12.20 (PDF)

Woodward and Yen, “Fact Check . . . The Debate,” Associated Press
Rep. Scalise, “Trump’s Actions Saved Lives, New Report Says,” Fox News
Julia Fair, “McGrath Takes Aim at Mitch McConnell,” Cincinnati Enquirer 
Current Events Questions USGOPO 10.5.20 (PDF)
Jackson and Wolff, “Trump Picks Amy Coney Barret,” USA Today
King and Gaudiano, “The pandemic could widen the achievement gap…,” Politico
Pilkington, “’Not special anymore’: How the Senate has failed…,” The Guardian
Current Events Questions USGOPO 9.28.20 (PDF)


Totenberg, “Justice Ginsberg . . . Dies at 87,” NPR (Audio)
Balingit and Meckler, “Trump Alleges ‘left-wing indoctrination,’” Washington Post
Adams, “How the Hispanic Vote is Growing in Power, RCP
Current Events Questions USGOPO 9.21.20 (PDF)


Levine and Bresnahan, “Odds shrink for a coronavirus relief deal,” Politico
Turley, “The Real Conversation on Racism,” The Hill
Haberman, “Trump Admits Downplaying the Virus Knowing It Was ‘Deadly Stuff’,” New York Times

Current Events Linked Articles and Questions (PDF)  


Abel and McGrane, “Ed Markey . . . big win,” Boston Globe, 9.4.20

Wiersema, “Biden, Trump in Pennsylvania,” ABC News, 9.5.20

Goldberg, “Trump:  ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers,’” The Atlantic, Sept. 3, 2020. (Adult Language)

Current Events Questions USGOPO 9.7.20 (PDF)


Savage, “White House Dismisses Questions of . . . Anti-Corruption Law,” New York Times

Korecki, “‘It’s Playing into Trump’s Hands: Dems fear swing-state unrest,” Politico

Khurshudyan, “Russia’s Putin ready to send forces to Belarus,” Washington Post

Current Events Questions USGOPO 8.31.20 (PDF)
Ron Brownstein, “The Missing Piece in Biden’s Convention Speech,” The Atlantic, 8.21.20.
Susan Page, “Three Things Pres. Trump and GOP need at Convention,” USA Today, 8.23.20.
Current Events Questions USGOPO 8.24.20 (PDF)


Senator Durbin, Trump’s Assault on Postal Service, Chicago Sun-Times

Rainy & King, COVID-19 Has Already Defunded Police, Politico

Nate Silver Introduces the 2020 Election, FiveThirtyEight.Com (Video)

Current Events Questions USGOPO 8.17.20 (PDF)


Bart Jansen, “From Rival to Running Mate: Kamala Harris,” USA Today, 8.11.20

Editorial, “U.S. Could Control Pandemic by October,” New York Times

Heilbrunn, “A Tribute to Brent Scowcroft,” National Interest

Current Events Questions USGOPO 8.12.20