Daily Briefing

Browse the Daily Briefings Archive and Schedule, 2019-20, a year’s worth of daily posts/bell-ringers, linked, on a PDF. You can look ahead to find which Daily Briefing posts are scheduled, or find those already posted. With the links, these posts are available and public at any time.


Here is a similar doc. Please note, USGOPO is enhancing the Daily Briefings for next year, 2020-21, so check back in August to get the updated Archive and Schedule, for the links and calendar.


Additional Search Tips: The Search Box, or use the calendar at bottom are both useful. Remember, a search will show the top 5 posts, use the red buttons below the fifth listing to see additional results from that search.

Once you land on a Daily Briefing post, you can click the categories atop, or the tags below, to find similar Daily Briefings. You can find a new student-friendly Briefing each school day or select posts from the annual Archive, copy the links, and plan accordingly.