Daily Briefing: May 9

Some FRQ Writing Advice: Anticipate the rubric and determine the total number points you could potentially ear.  This will [...]

Daily Briefing: May 6

Acts of Congress. The House and Senate together pass between 250 and 500 laws per two-year congressional term. Which laws [...]

Daily Briefing: May 4

The FRQ. The AP Government Exam has 4 free-response questions that you must answer within 100 minutes. Students will receive [...]

Daily Briefing: May 3

Selective incorporation. The selective incorporation doctrine has appeared 3 times in on the essay portion of the exam in [...]

Daily Briefing: May 2

Multiple-Choice Questions.  The AP Exam will have 60 multiple-choice questions that you must answer within 45 minutes. Do [...]
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