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This website is owned and operated by USGOPO.COM LLC.  The site is edited and operated by David Wolfford, author of AMSCO’s AP United States Government and Politics (Perfection Learning).

The Daily Briefing is a bell-ringer (5-15 min) centered around a foundational document, Supreme Court case, multiple-choice or free-response questions, embedded YouTube video, audio file, original or linked content, reference sites, and other student activities. Each Daily Briefing has accompanying questions. A new post appears Mon-Fri, in a topic-sequence that parallels many year-long Government courses. And USGOPO.COM provides access to the entire collection year round.

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Weekly Current Events provides recent, carefully chosen, and linked news pieces with questions. You can copy and paste the links to your own digital platform or use the Weekly Current Events page with questions in both PDF and MS Word formats. We strive to include a variety of genres from a variety of news outlets over the school year. USGOPO.COM does not necessarily endorse or support ideas in linked articles or chosen media outlets. Occasionally, selected articles will include foul language or disturbing topics. Articles & questions are typically posted by Monday mornings during the school year, but not on Monday holidays or near school breaks.  You can find previous articles and questions at the Weekly Current Events Archive.

The Monthly Report is a teacher-written article on a topic of interest to fellow government teachers and students. If interested in writing for USGOPO.COM, read the Writers Guidelines and Terms and Conditions and submit here. Monthly Reports are included in our monthly email newsletter and also include actual reports suitable for student analysis.

The Quarterly Grade includes periodic commentary on education, political science, the social studies, the Advanced Placement program, and updates from the College Board, national teacher organizations, and publications.

The Yearly Review provides useful activities and tools for end-of-course review and a civic engagement project especially for the Advanced Placement national exam.

The Units listed to the right, coincide with the five units in the redesigned AP Government Course and Exam Description, and include activities, lessons, links, terms lists, video clips, and original content.

David’s book is a thorough, concise, and affordable text for anyone taking the AP Government and Politics exam now in its third edition.

USGOPO.COM provides links to the Foundational Documents and the required Supreme Court cases in the footer.

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