Search Tips

Several ways to search, several things to find.

Search the 200+ Daily Briefings to use on any day.

The USGOPO.COM homepage maintains  a 5-day view of the most recent Daily Briefings, but also stores the Daily Briefings—digital bell ringers, practice questions, infographics, and videos—in a collection or database.

Use the Search Box at top right. The 5-post view will initially show only the top 5 posts from your search. Use the red buttons below the fifth listing to see additional results from that search.

Once you’re on a post, click the Category atop (like “YouTube” or “Multiple-Choice”) or the Tags below (aligned with chapter subjects like “Federalism” or “Civil Rights”), to find similar Daily Briefings.

The Daily Briefings Schedule and Archive is also useful. You can plan around the annual schedule, or browse the links and select desired posts. In addition to the Briefings scheduled for the school year, several Extras are also available.

Of course, if you’re looking for a past Weekly Current Events, a Monthly Report, or other USGOPO.COM feature, you can also use the search box. Or click on the corresponding feature archive below in the footer.

In our Units section in the right sidebar you will find student activities, resources, and links.