New American Center

Big Poll Discovers the Middle.

It is usually insightful to examine public opinion over multiple issues and across time. This 2013 poll by Esquire Magazine and NBC is an exhaustive look at the pulse of Americans who the poll identified as being in the “center” on a variety of political issues. When the poll speaks of “The Center,” it means the general public from a broad sample. Esquire and the pollsters found the public is rather centrist, and so that’s how they labelled their sample. Yet the charts and graphs reveal where the public at large stands.  There are 13 major findings and an array of charts and graphics.  Notice the 13 major findings (the headings) and examine the graphics. Then, select 1 chart/graphic to analyze a little closer by answering the questions below:


1. What is the particular issue/question/measurement?

2. What particular language/word choice did the pollster use in making this measurement?

3. What type of chart or graphic did they use to express the findings?

4. What was the finding/where do people stand on this issue?

5. Find one or more polls conducted recently, and see where the United States stands on these same issues. Have their been any noticeable swings in opinion? What factors might help to explain how the electorate has evolved if it has?