May 15, 2024 USGOPO 0

Political Cartoon. Political cartoons provide yet another avenue for commentary, explanation, or strong opinion in the arena of government and politics. Examine the above political […]

The Gallup Poll

April 19, 2024 USGOPO 0

Reliable Measures of Public Opinion. Some of the most reliable polling comes from the Gallup Poll. George Gallup is the father of modern day polling […]

The Federal Budget

April 2, 2024 USGOPO 0

Process and Amounts. The federal budget process is defined by the Constitution, congressional statutes, and the executive policy agenda. It follows the general lawmaking process, […]

Presidential Constraints

January 31, 2024 USGOPO 0

“Bring in the New Guy…” Despite the soaring rhetoric of presidential campaigns, presidents are severely constrained on their ability to enact a policy agenda. Numerous […]