Poll Position

May 11, 2022 USGOPO 0

News Clip on Polling Methodology. The business of polling for public opinion is big, scientific, pretty accurate, but not always correct. View this  CBS News Examines […]

The Literary Digest Poll

May 5, 2022 USGOPO 0

FDR over Landon. In November 1936, President Franklin Roosevelt defeated his Republican challenger Alfred Landon. This election is notable because the predicted outcome from popular […]

The Gallup Poll

April 19, 2022 USGOPO 0

Reliable Measures of Public Opinion. Some of the most reliable polling comes from the Gallup Poll. George Gallup is the father of modern day polling […]

Public Opinion

September 30, 2021 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice, Comparison Tables. Below are 3 multiple choice questions much like those you might see on a national exam. Choose the correct line with 2 […]


September 27, 2021 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice Questions. To assess your knowledge and skills in government and politics, answer these sample multiple-choice questions. Here are some questions much like you might […]