MHS Summer Reading

8 Foundational Docs and 7 Book Excerpts.

The Declaration of Independence

History Channel

Carl Becker, Chapter 1, “Declaration of Independence”

Becker, Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence (The Doc)


The Articles of Confederation

State Department

Merrill Jensen, The Dickinson Draft of the Confederation,” from The Articles of Confederation 

Jensen, Dickinson Draft, from Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation (The Doc)


The U.S. Constitution (Articles I—VII)

National Archives, “A More Perfect Union”

Bowen, Great Debate and Who Shall Ratify, from Miracle at Philadelphia

Kim Whele.  “The Basics: Each Branch has a Job Description—and Two Bosses,” from How to Read the Constitution and Why.

Whele, THe Basics, from How to Read Const. & Why

U.S. Constitution (The Doc)


Federalist and Antifederalist Papers


Middle Tenn State University on Federalists

Constitution Center on Antifederalists

Ketchum, Intro, Anti-Federalist Papers

Chernow, Publius abridged, from Hamilton

Federalist 10  |  Federalist 51  |  Federalist 70  |  Federalist 78  |  Brutus 1 (The Docs)

10, 51, 79, 78 In Modern Language and Brutus I Abridged


CANCEL THE FINAL READING on teh BILL OF RIGHTS listed below and on the paper handout.  I’m leaving these as struck through, as we will read them a few days after school starts.

The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)

American Civil Liberties Union

Richard Labunski, “Madison Introduces the Bill of Rights,” from James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights

Labunski, Madison Intros Bill of Rights, from JM and BoR


The 8 Documents

  1. Declaration of Independence
  2. Articles of Confederation
  3. U.S. Constitution
  4. Federalist 10
  5. Federalist 51
  6. Federalist 70
  7. Federalist 78
  8. Brutus 1