435 + 33 = The Congressional Elections

Conference Presentation, Materials, and Useful websites:

Horse Race (Group Activity PDF)

A Perfect Candidate (Student Handout & Questions) PDF

A New Nation Votes

Sample Qs from Released AP Exams

Campaign Documentaries, Behind-the-Scenes Films make Useful Teaching Tools, Social Education, September 2012.

Texas Congressional Districts Map (PDF) 

Interactive Texas Congressional Districts Map 

“What Voters should Know for Midterms,” Texas Tribune (article and Interactive site)

Texas Sec. of State, Elections Division

Virtual Debate between Cruz & O’Rourke (Video 6:42 min) 

Houston Chronicle Endorsement of Fletcher


The Prognosticators:

Inside Elections                                  538.Com

Cook Political Report                         Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball

Real Clear Politics Polls (House)     Real Clear Politics (Senate)