The 1996 Nomination of Clinton and Gore, Democratic National Convention. Laura Patterson, Public domain

The division within the Democratic Party.

Superdelegates are unelected and unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  Generally they are elected officials (congress members, governor, big-city mayors), party activists and leaders. Senator Bernie Sanders objected to the use of superdelegates during the 2016 campaign for president. This led to reforms for the 2020 Democratic primary.  Read the following article from Politico about the changes and the answer the question that follows.

Questions for Completion

1.  Why do you think Democrats allocate convention seats to members who are unelected and unpledged?

2. What changes did the Democrats make to the use of superdelegates? Do you think it is a good idea? Why?

3.  How does the article showcase division with the Democratic Party? What are the different camps within the party on the issue?