Congressional Campaign Committees

Members try to get their own elected.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans maintain permanent committees in both the House and the Senate that are charged with recruiting, electing, and re-electing party members to Congress. The committees are headed by experienced senators and representatives, while they are staffed by full-time employees who raise money, develop campaign strategy, produce and pay for TV ads, and mobilize their voters.

Check out the four committees below and determine what they are doing. Complete the questions below the website links.


Questions for Completion

1.  How do the Democrats (DCCC and DSCC) and the Republicans seek to define themselves. Why do you think they have taken this approach?

2. Are some races or districts more important to them than others? Why or why not?

3.  Do you think congressional campaign committees advance or inhibit the democratic process? Why?


Photo/Image: Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.