National Security Council

The President’s Advisory Panel.

The National Security Council is a congressionally-created group to advise the president on national security affairs. The National Security Act of 1947 created the group and its principal members–the President as chairman, the secretaries of defense, state, the national security adviser, the CIA director, the top uniformed officers, and several others.

The National Security Adviser is the president’s immediate assistant, and closest expert on all matters of national security.

GO to the NSC’s website and select a post–typically a policy statement or a NSC communication–and then answer the following questions.



1. What was the post/message about?

2. What people, events, or governmental steps are involved?

3. How do you think this impacts national security for the united States?


Photo/Image: President Obama’s National Security Council. Over his left shoulder, Susan Rice (Nat. Sec. Advisor), Chuck Hagel (Sec. of Def.); over his right shoulder, Joe Biden (VP), John Kerry (Sec. of State), and other principal members of the NSC. White House photo