Amending Prohibition

August 31, 2022 USGOPO 0

Prohibition Ends: 21st nixes 18th. In 1933, national Prohibition ended when Utah became the thirty-sixth state to ratify the Twenty-first Amendment to repeal the Eighteenth […]

Madison’s Role & Legacy

August 19, 2022 USGOPO 0

James Madison. The Father of the Constitution. The author of several Federalist Papers. A member of the first House of Representatives. The 4th President of […]

Senator Edward Brooke

July 4, 2022 USGOPO 0

A Civil Rights Milestone. In January 1966, Republican Edward Brooke was sworn in as Massachusetts’ senator. As the Twentieth Amendment dictates, Congress opens on January […]

What Happened

July 4, 2022 USGOPO 0

Hillary Clinton’s Memoir. 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened, recounts her uncomfortable moments in the debates.   Questions for Completion 1.¬† How […]

Birmingham Church Bombing

July 4, 2022 USGOPO 0

Dark Day in Civil Rights Era. In one of the attacks against African Americans in 1963, four young African American girls¬†were killed when a bomb […]