Madison’s Role & Legacy

James Madison.

The Father of the Constitution. The author of several Federalist Papers. A member of the first House of Representatives. The 4th President of the United States, and the chief architect of U.S. Government.

James Madison was the most instrumental in Philadelphia when crafting the Constitution, and was one of the most energetic supporters of the plan during the ratification process. 

Here is an excellent piece from the Library of Congress about Madison’s involvement in the creation of the Constitution and the documenting of it for posterity. Read the biography and answer the questions that follow. 



1. What events transpired around the 50th anniversary of the drafting of the Constitution?

2. Name and describe another founding document or project that Madison contributed to. 

3. Why might someone, a leader or statesman, publish a memoir or a autobiographical account after their death?


Photo/Image: James Madison by David Edwin