Supreme Court Opinions & Customs

Supreme Court Opinions and Authors. Oct. Term 2017

Multiple Choice Questions.

Questions 1 and 2 refer to the graphic above. 


1. Which of the following reflects the data in the above bar graph?

A. The justices author/write a similar number of majority opinions per term.

B. Justice Kennedy wrote more overall opinions than the other justices.

C. Justice Kagan authored the fewest number of concurring opinions.

D. Chief Justice Roberts wrote more opinions than any associate justice.


2. Which of the following can you conclude from the data in the chart?

A. The justices who author more opinions care more about the law.

B. The older or more-senior justices are excused from writing as many opinions.

C. Conservative members wrote majority opinions more often.

D. Justice Thomas wanted to explain his legal reasoning more than the other justices.


3. Which constitutional amendment shaped the courts’ jurisdiction?

(A) Eleventh Amendment

(B) Twelfth Amendment

(C) Fourteenth Amendment

(D) Sixteenth Amendment


4. Oral arguments before the Supreme Court usually feature

(A) live video broadcasts on television 

(B) half-hour presentations from each side

(C) two hours of presentations and one hour of questions

(D) no time limits, as there is no time limit on justice


And the answers are . . .
A, D, A, and B


Photo/Image: Information taken from SCOTUS Blog