Federal Elections

Multiple-Choice Questions.

To assess your knowledge and skills in government and politics answer these sample multiple-choice questions. Here are some questions on campaigns and elections. The correct answers will appear below the questions.


1.  Which of the following is an accurate comparison of congressional and presidential campaigns?




Are subject to FEC donation limits Focus on some states more than others based on ideologically divisions in those states


Are conducted every six years Expect a turnout below 50 percent of the voting-age population


Do not include primary elections for the party nomination Are determined by national popular vote total


Have candidates that compete for federal matching money Can accept higher donations from individuals than congressional candidates can


Read the following segment from a news report and answer the questions 2 and 3 below.

Donald Trump has delegates to clinch GOP nomination

By MJ Lee, CNN National Politics Reporter

Updated 9:15 PM ET, Thu May 26, 2016

Donald Trump has the delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, according to a CNN delegate count Thursday.

While Trump has had the nomination locked down for weeks, he has now reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates with the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his candidacy. A handful of states, including the large prizes of California and New Jersey, will hold the final primaries on June 7 . . .


2. Which of the following statements can you most likely conclude from the online news excerpt above?

(A) This predicted victory premature.

(B) Donald Trump will earn enough electoral votes to become president.

(C) This news report cannot be trusted because it is from the Internet.

(D)  The Republican party will nominate Donald Trump at its national convention.


3. Which of the following statements is accurate regarding the above excerpt?

(A) A presidential nominee cannot yet be determined because California and New Jersey have not yet voted.

(B) Trump’s clinching of these delegates is a combination of primary election results and promises made by unpledged convention delegates.

(C) This report is correct, because the candidate has received more than the 270 electoral votes required.

(D) This report is likely in error because it fails to examine the process in Iowa and New Hampshire


4. Which of the following statements most accurately reflects voter activity in U.S. midterm elections?

(A)  Incumbent members of the House of Representatives have a 60 percent chance of winning re-election.

(B) Voter turnout in midterm elections is higher than turnout in presidential elections.

(C) A president’s party typically loses seats in the Congress during a midterm election.

(D) Seats in Congress change hands due to term limits more frequently than challengers defeating incumbents.


And the answers are . . .