Constitution Day

September 17 is nationally recognized.

On this day in 1787 the Framers of the Constitution signed the final draft of the document in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. This after a months-long debate on how the document should be worded and what clauses should be included. Fifty-five men participated in the process at one time or another. Thirty-nine names appear on the document, three men stood by and refused to sign. An intense ratification process followed.

In December 2004, Congress passed a bill requiring all public institutions to practice some type of Constitution Day educational program.

In the book, A More Perfect Constitution, University of Virginia Professor Emeritus Larry Sabato recommends new amendments to the Constitution. Check out his proposed amendments in the PDF below and answer the questions that follow.


Questions for Completion:

1. What are two amendments you strongly support? Why?

2. What are two proposed amendments you strongly oppose? Why?

3.  If national service, as proposed, was mandatory, what type of national service would you do? Why?