Presidential Libraries

Standing and Online Museums.

Once a president leaves office their memory and legacy lives on in the form of presidential libraries. Congress appropriates a set amount of money for the construction and maintenance for these facilities. Each museum falls under the jurisdiction of the National Archives. Each museum contains artifacts from the president’s time in office¬† Historians also have access to the thousands and thousands of official government documents from their term. The library system is a very unique American institution where citizens can interact with the presidency and former presidents can leave their mark on the office. Link to the list of Museums (Hoover to Obama) where you can learn so much more bout a president. Select one President and peruse the website and answer the questions that follow.



1. What policy initiatives did this president undertake?

2. Describe one of the president’s electoral/campaign experiences.

3. What is that president’s most celebrated accomplishments?


Photo/Image: Air Force One in Reagan Library, Lisa Barnum, CC BY-SA