Monthly Report

Jan. 6, 2020 insurrection. Photo by Bill O'Fanaye.

Jan. 6

So, it’s the first anniversary for Social Studies teachers to honestly teach about the January 6 insurrection in some reflective, historical context. Or is it?

The controversial and divisive times have caused more interference with academic freedom and a teacher’s First Amendment right to appease those who follow the myth that CRT is being taught in schools, or on the verge of it and to appease Trump disciples who downplay his Big Lie and the insurrection. School board meetings, elections, and bills in state houses across the country–whether to censor ideas or to “prevent voter fraud”–are working toward stifling an honest look at the world in an effort to make the so-called patriotic contingents happy. Some administrators are as well. It is important to teach and clear up what happened on Jan 6., and how it was fueled by a big lie after Nov. 3.

**Article #1 in the Weekly Current Events** debunks some conspiracy theories that seem to soften the criminality of the Jan. 6 incident, or excuse those responsible for it.

I have every reason to believe this [**Frontline-Pro Publica documentary**]( will be worthy. It airs this Tuesday and I believe available on YouTube thereafter. Might be worth showing in class or you could offer it up as extra-credit.

In this age of needing to overpower a lie machine in an age of conspiracy theories, hopefully either or both of these resources can be useful.