Newspapers at Library of Congress

The Library of Congress's digital newspaper collection.

America’s Historical Newspapers.

At the Library of Congress’s digital site, you can research American government and politics topics of all sorts.

Here you can research countless American newspapers by era, etc. They also have a “100 Years Ago Today” feature, with several historical newspapers from that day available in a click or two.

Let’s research a notable political event and see how one or more newspapers reported on the event. The event could be national news long ago, like President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment, or more contemporary, the Supreme Court appointment and denial of Judge Robert Bork. Local political events in your locality are also possible if a newspaper from your home town or state is available in the database.  Remember, you’ll need some context, so start by reading a basic online entry regarding the event and determine the month, day, and year of the event to enable you to complete the task.  Then answer the questions below.


1. Before searching the newspapers, basically describe the event . List the month, day, and year.

2. After finding one or more stories in the LOC’s digital collection, describe what you found.

3. What particular part of the event did the newspaper focus on?

4. What quote from the newspaper is worthy?