FRQ Writing Advice

Some pointers that cannot hurt.


Underline key government terms, court cases, and main points.

To fully explain yourself, use phrases like “for example, . . . ” or “thus . . .” to carry out and fully explain your point.

Read and Consider all 4 FRQs. You have 100 minutes, allot your time accordingly. The College Board has reconfigured its exam for 2020. See more here.

Be clear and specific. Watch the overuse of pronouns and vague terminology.

Use historic or modern examples, names, people, etc.

Correct spelling, good writing are not scored, but certainly help better convey ideas.

Make a clean break between sections of the FRQ, (a), (b), (c), and label each section of your response.

Indent and use transitional phrases when moving to your second point on any topic within a section.

Avoid expressing your own ideology. When opinions are called for, they are more so opinions on the function of government, not ideological opinions on policy.