Bureaucracy: The Agencies

Where Congress’s Law is Carried Out.

The Bureaucracy, or the so-called “Fourth Branch” of government executes, enforces, and administers national policy. It collects taxes, arrests criminals, and protects the United States.  Agencies in the Executive Branch deliver the mail and they maintain relations with foreign nations.

Select one familiar federal agency from this comprehensive list of links  to learn more about it. Then answer the questions.


Questions for Completion: 

1. What is the name of your chosen agency?  Who is the director?  What did he/she do before heading this agency/department?

2. What is the agency’s mission? 

3. Does it have regulatory authority?

4. Which congressional committee has oversight of it?

5. What seems to be the agency’s chief concern or what is it involved in lately?


Photo/Image: Robert Aderholt’s page, House of Representatives