Electing a President

2016 Presidential Election Results.

How the USA Voted: Use Bloomberg’s Map of results.   We know who won. Where was this election won? What were the closest states? 

Examine your state’s results even closer.  What counties did Trump win?  Clinton?  Why?  Compare how Clinton did in 2016 vs. how Obama did in 2012.  How Trump did in 2016 vs. Romney in 2016. Nationally, by state, by county.  You’ll have to find a 2012 map/list to do this.

How did your town or precinct vote? Use the New York Times site to determine how our county and school-district-area voted.  This will take some effort, patience, and discovery.  Find your Precinct and Precinct map.  How did voters in your neighborhood vote?

Look at National Voting Trends:

CNN Exit Poll: What voting blocs acted in their typical way?  Which ones voted differently than normal?  What demographic groups were the most evenly split?  Which groups did Trump win?  Clinton win? What issues seemed to matter the most?  What was the sample size of this exit poll?