Daily Briefing

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney briefs the media.

Bell Ringers, Questions, and Short Activities.

USGOPO.com provides a daily student activity or bell ringer, a.k.a. the Daily Briefing, right here Monday through Friday during the school year. The Daily Briefing provides multiple-choice and free-response questions, political history, links to professional and governmental sites, nine foundational documents, images and primary sources for analysis, video clips, emphasis on 15 Supreme Court cases, and original material to master Government and Politics. These will include brief drills and short research activities, linked and original content. To find Daily Briefings that suit your needs or your sequence, you can use the Search Box top right. you can click the category atop the post, or the tag below, once on a Daily Briefing post. Remember, with a search at USGOPO.com, the top five show in initial search results, but more are available with the numbered buttons below the fifth post. Perhaps most convenient is the Daily Briefing Schedule and Archive. An updated Schedule and Archive will be posted in August for the school year.