McCarthy Condemned

July 4, 2021 USGOPO 0

Have you no sense of decency, sir? In the early 1950s the Red Scare was in full swing. China had fallen to communism, South Korea […]

Term Limits

July 4, 2021 USGOPO 0

How to Fix Congress? One of the most commonly urged solutions to fix the performance and perception of Congress is to enact term limits.  The […]

Senator John McCain

May 28, 2021 USGOPO 0

Vietnam Vet, Senator, Statesman. John McCain (R-AZ) was first elected to Congress in 1982 and nominated as the Republican presidential candidate in 2008.  In August […]

Acts of Congress

April 25, 2021 USGOPO 0

Notable laws worth knowing. The House and Senate together pass between 150 and 500 laws per two-year congressional term. Which laws will be on the […]