Congressional Action

Interior view of the United States Senate, 1852.

Multiple-Choice Questions.

Here’s some examples of  multiple choice questions you might see on the AP Government exam. Please complete and review your answers below.

1. The law making process  at the federal level of government showcases the desire of the framers of the Constitution to create a national legislature that would be

(A) less powerful than the executive

(B) slow and deliberate in the law-making process

(C) able to involve as many citizens as possible in the law making process

(D) able to ensure that all citizens are equally represented


2.   Members of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs are concerned about the potential for corruption in foreign affairs in Scandinavia. Which of the following is an action the committee can take to address the problem?

(A) Holding a hearing and subpoenaing high-level officials in the State Department

(B) Impounding funding for the Pentagon and State Department until problems are resolved

(C) Placing a referendum on the ballot in each state to increase oversight power of the State Department.

(D) Impeach the Secretary of State


3.  Senator Johnson votes according to the wishes of the majority of her constituents on other bills even if it goes against the wishes of her party. Which model of representation do her actions embody?

(A) The politico model

(B) The trustee model

(C) The majoritarian model

(D) The delegate model


And the answers are . . . 
B, A, and D
What unique vocabulary terms did you see that you were not familiar with? How might knowing these terms help you answer the question?

Photo/Image: United States Senate 1852,  United States Senate