Weekly Current Events

September 4, 2020 USGOPO 0

Linked Articles and Questions “Kids in Utah Will Need Parent’s OK to access Social Media,” Associated Press “Lawmakers say TikTok Hearing Validated Concerns,” USA Today […]

Monthly Report

September 3, 2020 USGOPO 0

The Democratic, Peaceful Transfer of Power By Bryan Ashkettle At present, our U.S. Democracy seems more fragile than ever. Perhaps now is a suitable time […]

Quarterly Grade

September 2, 2020 USGOPO 0

A Nuanced Tale By David Wolfford The Declaration of Independence makes for a glorious story. A united front of downtrodden colonists, through Thomas Jefferson’s quill, […]

Yearly Review

September 1, 2020 USGOPO 0

Preparing for the Exam. ` The Civic Engagement Project   Cram for the Exam: A Decade on Washington Journal: