Brutus I

The text. Simple and mark-able.

Here below is the text of the Brutus’s first essay in both MS Word and in PDF formats. Download your preferred format and refer to it occasionally all school year. A useful drill is to simply read and highlight the document, putting comments in the margins. You can do so in either program, or print out the document and do it the old-fashioned way.


Brutus I (PDF)

Brutus I (MS Word)



1. What is the author’s general point about the people increasing the power of their governments?

2. What does the author say about the “necessary and proper clause” and the “supremacy clause”?  Why?

3. How does Brutus refer to chosen language in the constitution like “general welfare” and “common defense”?

4. What is the author’s concern about a legislature raising and supporting an army?

5. What predictions does Brutus make regarding the new federal courts?