Ideology & Voting Blocs

Multiple-Choice Questions.

To assess your knowledge and skills in government and politics, answer these sample multiple-choice questions. Here are some questions not dissimilar to the old AP questions, and potentially reflecting a portion of those on the revised AP Exam.  The correct answers will appear below the questions after a brief delay.


1. Federal laws that prevent an employer from racial discrimination in hiring and firing, and federal laws that prevent landlords from refusing African Americans as tenants is a product of which American governmental concept?

(A) Communism

(B) Equality of Opportunity

(C) Socialism

(D) Affirmative Action


2. A voter following which philosophy below would likely favor both strict regulation of working conditions in factories, as well as prayer in public schools?

(A) Liberal

(B) Conservative

(C) Free Enterpriser

(D) Populist


3. The fact that the United States corporate income tax is the highest among developed nations has led to what economic phenomenon?

(A) Off-shoring

(B) Deportation

(C) Frontloading

(D) Discounting


4. Which voting bloc has more consistently voted with the Republican Party in recent presidential elections?

(A) Catholics

(B) Voters under 30

(C) African Americans

(D) White citizens over 65


And the answers are . . . 
B, D, A, and D
What unique vocabulary terms did you see that you were not familiar with? How might knowing these terms help you answer the question?