Different Courts

Multiple-Choice Questions. 

Here’s some examples of the comparison tables and multiple choice questions you might see on the AP Government exam:

  1. Which of the following is an accurate comparison of U.S District Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court?
  U.S. District Courts U.S. Supreme Court
(A) Typically have jurisdiction over violent crimes, like murder, rape, or armed robbery Hears trials involving the death penalty
(B) Hold trials involving federal crimes and high-dollar disputes between citizens from different states Is a nine-judge panel with both original and appellate jurisdiction
(C) Can take cases appealed from state courts Can hear cases involving federal law, but not state law
(D) Are served by judges elected by the people Has justices serving life terms


2. Which of the following is an accurate comparison of civil and criminal courts?

  Civil Courts Criminal Courts
(A) Rulings are final and cannot be appealed Try felonies, not misdemeanors
(B) Do not have juries or jury trials Can be appealed if a “not guilty” verdict is delivered at trial
(C) Hear lawsuits where plaintiffs seek a recovery of damages Require a verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a defendant
(D) Are in the federal judicial system, not the state judicial systems Hold trials where the government charges accused criminals


And the answers are . . .
B and C

What could you examine or review to assure you can answer on this type of question, or a harder one, next time again?