Enforcing Regulations: TSA

Guns Found in Airports.

The Transportation Security  Administration monitors the airports, passengers, luggage, and packages and serves as a police force for the nation’s airports. Study the infographic report from 2018 and then answer the questions that  follow. (Correct answers will appear below in 1+ minute.)



1. Which of the following can you conclude from the data in the infographic?

(A) Guns in airports is only a problem in 10 major airports.

(B) Gun violence in airports is on the rise.

(C) The vast majority of guns found in airports were unloaded.

(D) The number of guns discovered in airports has risen over the past decade.


2. What will likely result from the TSA’s release data?

(A) Congress will appropriate more funding to address this issue.

(B) The TSA director will petition the Congress to alter gun legislation.

(C) The courts will likely overturn convictions related to these discovered firearms.

(D) The president will shift the TSA director toward different priorities.


And the answers are . . .
D and A

Photo/Image:  Sec. Jeh Johnson visits TSA workers, by Barry Bahler, DHS photo