Term Limits

FRQ #4, Argument Essay.


Members of Congress represent constituents from the various states and are not limited to a certain number of terms. Develop an argument to explain whether or not congressional term limits would enhance democracy.

Use at least one piece of evidence from one of the following foundational documents:

  • Federalist No. 10
  • Federalist No. 51
  • The Constitution

In your essay, you must:

Articulate a defensible claim or thesis that responds to the prompt and establishes a line of reasoning.

Support your claim or thesis with at least TWO pieces of accurate and relevant evidence:

  • ONE piece of evidence must come from one of the foundational
    documents listed above.
  • A second piece of evidence can come from any other foundational document not used as your first piece of evidence, or it may be from your knowledge of course concepts.

Use reasoning to explain why your evidence supports your claim or thesis.

Respond to an opposing or alternative perspective using refutation, concession, or rebuttal.


Photo/Image: “Signs of Madison’s Tea Party: ‘Term Limits'” by cometstarmoon via Creative Commons