Declarations of War

The USS Arizona

FRQ #2, Quantitative Analysis.

Refer to the following table to answer the question below.


                                                           Declarations of War




1812 War of 1812 against Great Britain House: 79-49; Senate: 19-13
1846 Mexican-American War House: 174-14; Senate: 40-2
1898 Spanish-American War House: voice; Senate: voice
1917 WW I Against Germany House: 373-50; Senate: 82-6
1941 WW II Against Japan House: 388-1; Senate: 82-0

Source: Congressional Research Service


(A) Identify the declaration of war that had the strongest congressional support.

(B) Describe a similarity or difference in the congressional support for any two declared wars.

(C) Draw a conclusion for that similarity or difference.

(D) Explain a constitutional principle that complicates the foreign or military policy.