Bush & Stem Cells

In the War on Terror, George W. Bush exercised formal and informal powers.

FRQ #1, Concept Application.


Read the following scenario and answer the question below.

“President Bush issued the first veto of his five-year-old administration yesterday, rejecting Congress’s bid to lift funding restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research and underscoring his party’s split on an emotional issue in this fall’s elections . . . The House and Senate passed the bill by comfortable margins but not with the two-thirds majorities required to override a veto. The House voted 235 to 193 yesterday to override Bush, falling short of the threshold and negating the need for a Senate override attempt.”

                                                                                                                          —Washington Post, July 20, 2006


After reading the above news report, respond to A, B, and C below:

(A) Describe the power the president used as reported in the above news excerpt.

(B) In the context of this presidential action, explain how the legislature can react to the power exercised in Part A.

(C) In the context of this scenario, explain additional presidential action that can bring about the president’s desired outcome.