Holiday Briefing

December 22, 2022 USGOPO 0

Happy Holidays. As the first half of the school year winds down, USGOPO would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and a […]

Congressional Action

December 21, 2022 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice Questions. Here’s some examples of  multiple choice questions you might see on the AP Government exam. Please complete and review your answers below. 1. […]

Term Limits

December 20, 2022 USGOPO 0

FRQ #4, Argument Essay.   Members of Congress represent constituents from the various states and are not limited to a certain number of terms. Develop […]

Congressional Committees

December 19, 2022 USGOPO 0

How Congress Operates. In order to complete Congress’ work of reviewing legislation, conducting oversight, and holding hears on matters relevant to the public concern a […]

Diversity in Congress

December 18, 2022 USGOPO 0

The Changing Face of Congress. The 116th United State Congress is the most diverse in American history though it is still much whiter than the […]