Obama and Baby Elephant

May 25, 2020 USGOPO 0

Obama and Elephant.

Political cartoons provide yet another avenue for commentary, explanation, or strong opinion in the arena of government and politics. Examine the above [...].

The Truman Library

May 22, 2020 USGOPO 0

President Harry S.

Truman. Harry S. Truman was the only modern president who did not go to college. Truman served as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice [...].

Dan Rather’s Late Night

May 21, 2020 USGOPO 0

Post-Witching Hour One-liners.

The 2000 presidential race was “tight as a tick” Dan Rather might say.  The Texas native and career CBS reporter was always [...].

Plates and Speech

May 20, 2020 USGOPO 0

Is Offensive Speech OK on License Plates?

In a recent Supreme Court hearing, the justices heard a case out of Texas involving personalized license plates. [...]?

Sister Souljah Moment

May 19, 2020 USGOPO 0

The controversy that coined the term.

—From Taegan Goddard’s Political Dictionary Currently: Do you know of, or can you find any such “Sistah Souljah” moments [...].