Realigning Elections

October 14, 2019 USGOPO 0

The possibility of political realignment. A realigning election is rare in American history. Political scientists generally agreed that there have been at least five realigning […]

Joe Biden’s Bones

October 11, 2019 USGOPO 0

Campaign Ad. The Biden 2020 campaign released their first national ad of the campaign trail earlier this year. As the current front runner for the […]

Baker v. Carr (1962)

October 9, 2019 USGOPO 0

Supreme Court Decision. Prior to the 1960s, the Supreme Court generally did not adjudicate issues of gerrymandering and redistricting. Baker v. Carr (1962), was a […]

Campaign Commercials

October 8, 2019 USGOPO 0

Daisy Ad. The Daisy Ad, though only aired once, is considered to be one of the most effective campaign commercials in American politics. The 1964 […]

Polling & Public Opinion

October 7, 2019 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice Questions. To assess your knowledge and skills in government and politics answer these sample multiple-choice questions. Here are some questions on polling and public […]