Three Mile Island Nuclear Power plant in Pennsylvania

Not -In -My -Back -Yard.

A pejorative acronym to describe opposition to any public policy decision, which in itself is considered beneficial, but may happen to cause discomfort, for geographical reasons or other, when it is actually put into practice. For example airports, prisons or power plants placed in one’s own vicinity, or austerity measures which may cause budget cuts also to those who thought they might have been excluded. More recently, relocating GITMO and Nuclear Power plants come to mind. These do not need to be large projects, but can be as simple as the creation of bike lanes.

Check out the recent example of NIMBY on the Upper West Side in New York City from the New York Times. Complete the questions that follow.

Questions for completion

1.How does the New York Times story exemplify the political phenomenal of NIMBY?

2. What is your reaction to this story? Whose interests should win out, owners of automobiles or bicyclists?

3. In your local community, name a policy decision that might by popular or desired by most citizens overall, but not wanted next door by the same citizens.  Why is that the case? What happened with that policy proposal?