Daily Briefing

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. They say it's the 2nd toughest job in Washington.

Bell Ringers, Questions, and Short Activities.

USGOPO announces its inauguration of the regular Daily Briefing, a basic bell ringer or student activity, which appears early each school day, Monday through Friday, atop the Home page. The prior four are shown below. The Daily Briefing provides occasional multiple-choice and free-response questions, political history, links to professional and governmental sites, nine foundational documents, images and primary sources for analysis, video clips, emphasis on the 15 cases, and original material to master Government and Politics. These will include brief drills and short research activities. To find Daily Briefings that suit your needs or your sequence, browse the briefings by topic, also linked below under the Features Archive.  We hope the search box and calendar are also useful.