Daily Briefing

July 9, 2019 USGOPO 0

Bell Ringers, Questions, and Short Activities. USGOPO announces its inauguration of the regular Daily Briefing, a basic bell ringer or student activity, which appears early […]

Weekly Current Events

September 7, 2015 USGOPO 0

 Linked Articles: Todd Purdum. “Did Bill Clinton See this Coming?” The Atlantic. August 19, 2019. Taeghan Simonton. “College Recruiters Going after Out-of-State Students.” USA Today. […]

Monthly Report

June 16, 2015 USGOPO 0

The Latest Job Numbers. The Bureau of Labor statistics issues their data on a rolling basis and with a monthly report of their own. Below […]

Quarterly Grade

June 16, 2015 USGOPO 0

The AP Gov Redesign. It has occupied the curiosity of many an AP Gov teacher. The College Board has released the “final” particulars of the […]

Yearly Review

June 16, 2015 USGOPO 0

Strategies and activities to prepare for the Exam. CSPAN’s Annual “Cram for the Exam,” Washington Journal, May 2015. Curveballs (MS Word)   Curveballs (PDF) Know Your […]