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September 15, 2015 USGOPO 0

Linked Articles and Questions Howard Wilkinson, Ham. Co. Sheriff Race, Endorsement |  Later Article A Tenuous judicial race with an MHS Alum.  The Controversy  […]

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September 4, 2015 USGOPO 0

Linked Articles and Questions Givhan, “Dueling Town Halls,” Washington Post Schaefer, “Ancient Greeks and Ranked Choice Voting,” Stahl, The Lincoln Project,” 60 Minutes (13:36 […]

Monthly Report

September 2, 2015 USGOPO 0

Through a New Lens: The 1960 Debates. The 1960 televised debates between presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John Kennedy changed the course of the campaign, […]

Quarterly Grade

September 2, 2015 USGOPO 0

Ike on Civil Rights. After presidents leave office, pundits and historians begin defining their legacies. President Dwight D. Eisenhower will probably be remembered more for […]

Yearly Review

September 1, 2015 USGOPO 0

Preparing for the Exam. ` The Civic Engagement Project   Cram for the Exam: A Decade on Washington Journal: