Current Events

September 15, 2015 USGOPO 0

Linked Articles and Questions Howard Wilkinson, Ham. Co. Sheriff Race, Endorsement |  Later Article A Tenuous judicial race with an MHS Alum.  The Controversy  […]

Weekly Current Events

September 4, 2015 USGOPO 0

Linked Articles and Questions Linskey, “A Look Inside Biden’s Oval Office,” Washington Post Hayes and King, “The Second Trump Impeachment Trial. What Happens Next?” USA […]

Monthly Report

September 2, 2015 USGOPO 0

Ides of March. George Clooney’s political movie, The Ides of March, is a provocative tale of political ethics, loyalty, and bare-knuckle battles for personal gain. […]

Quarterly Grade

September 2, 2015 USGOPO 0

Grading Our Predictions. Well, now that the election is over and the AP has called all the states, let’s see how we Government teachers did […]

Yearly Review

September 1, 2015 USGOPO 0

Preparing for the Exam. ` The Civic Engagement Project   Cram for the Exam: A Decade on Washington Journal: