Presidential Pardons

January 18, 2022 USGOPO 0

Excusing Federal Convicts. The Constitution gives the president the power to pardon criminals who committed crimes against the United States, so only federal crimes. This […]

Do We Need a President?

January 12, 2022 USGOPO 0

Too Much Emphasis on the President? Below is a video called “America From Scratch” from PBS Studios. Each clip looks at how we might redo […]

The Broken Senate

January 7, 2022 USGOPO 0

Deadlock, dysfunction and political games. Known as the world’s most deliberative body, the U.S. Senate is a place of compromise, yet it’s tough to accomplish […]


January 6, 2022 USGOPO 0

The Art of Drawing Districts. Gerrymandering is one of the most hotly debated topics in American politics. North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, and Wisconsin in recent […]

Speaker of the House

January 3, 2022 USGOPO 0

The Second Hardest Job in Washington D.C. When the founders framed the newly created Congress in Article I of the Constitution, they divided the national […]