The Fairness Doctrine

December 6, 2020 USGOPO 0

The Rise of Cable News. Since 1949 public radio and television airwaves were governed by the “fairness doctrine.” This regulatory rule required radio and television […]

Ideologically Oriented Media

December 3, 2020 USGOPO 0

Our Echo Chambers? Hyper-polarization is an increasing phenomenon in our politics. One of the most common culprits is cable and social media. Watch the following […]

Trust in the Media

December 2, 2020 USGOPO 0

A Failure of a Linkage Institution? The media is one of several critical linkage institutions that connect the American people to politics and government. Historically, […]

Mass Media and 2016 Election

December 1, 2020 USGOPO 0

News Source and Presidential Preference. The 2016 Election demonstrated a deeply divided electorate between those in rural and urban America. The trend does not stop […]

Interest Group Ads

November 30, 2020 USGOPO 0

The Power of Campaign Commercials. One of the most powerful techniques that interest groups use to educate the public and influence voters is campaign commercials. […]