The Federal Budget

April 2, 2021 USGOPO 0

Process and Amounts. The federal budget process is defined by the Constitution, congressional statutes, and the executive policy agenda. It follows the general lawmaking process, […]

Oslo Accords

March 26, 2021 USGOPO 0

Bill Clinton as Mediator. In 1993, President Bill Clinton arranged for a peace agreement at the White House. As the United State’s chief diplomat, Clinton […]

National Security Council

March 22, 2021 USGOPO 0

The President’s Advisory Panel. The National Security Council is a congressionally-created group to advise the president on national security affairs. The National Security Act of […]

Backpack Search

March 15, 2021 USGOPO 0

Can School Officials search an Unattended Backpack? As you may know from the T.L.O. v. New Jersey decision, the Fourth Amendment applies to students in […]