Ambassador to Japan

March 31, 2020 USGOPO 0

Former Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. This profile of JFK’s daughter and past Ambassador to Japan from CBS’s 60 Minutes sheds light on US diplomacy and the relevance […]

Iran-Contra Scandal

March 30, 2020 USGOPO 0

The Iran-Contra Scandal is a study in several areas of USGOPO . . . Checks and balances, governmental transparency, a White House scandal, accountability, etc. […]

Oslo Accords

March 27, 2020 USGOPO 0

Bill Clinton as Mediator In 1993, President Bill Clinton arranged for a peace agreement at the White House. As the United State’s chief diplomat, Clinton […]

Nixon to China

March 26, 2020 USGOPO 0

He Re-Opened Relations.  In 1972, Nixon arrived in China and met with Moa Zedong. The Chinese Communist Party had controlled mainland China since 1949 and […]

The Lippmann Column

March 25, 2020 USGOPO 0

The Trial Balloon. Walter Lippmann, a widely read columnist for the New York Herald-Tribune and an accepted expert on many subjects, wrote this column below […]