180+ Daily Briefings.
Weekly articles w. Questions
Monthly Report suitable for Analysis.
Quarterly Judgement, Expose or investigative Report.
An Annual Test Review with Materials and practice Questions.

USGOPO.com is a site for studying United States Government and Politics that includes activities, readings, links, and videos. It is meant to be useful to both teachers and students. It includes a daily bellringer, weekly articles, a more detailed monthly feature, quarterly reports, and an annual review for the exam.

USGOPO.com is created and operated by David Wolfford, author of United States Government and Politics: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination (AMSCO/Perfection Learning).

Daily Briefing offers a short bell ringer or activity, including a deeper look at terms, “On This Day,” multiple-choice and free response questions, embedded YouTube or other videos, and short readings, including Foundation Documents. These have accompanying questions or other student task. A new Daily Briefing appears M-F in a sequence that parallels many year-long Government classes. You can also browse the Archive by date or subject-area, use the Search Box with key terms, glance at the calendar at bottom, or click Daily Briefing post category to see all Daily Briefings of that style. You can find a new student-friendly Briefing each day or plan and link these how you wish.

Weekly Current Events provides recent, carefully chosen, linked news pieces, and thoughtful questions. Copy and paste the articles or links to your own digital platform or use the Weekly Current Events page where you’ll find questions in both PDF and MS Word docs. The chosen reports, op-eds, and profiles come from a variety of news outlets, traditional, objective referee-style journalists and those who pose sophisticated argument, with an effort toward balance over the long run. The Question are useful for class discussion, assigned homework, or potential quizzes. You can find previous articles and questions at the Weekly Current Events Archive.

The Monthly Report is all or part of a government-issued, interest group, or other report suitable for student analysis. Accompanying the report are questions that are aligned with state and national standards. The Monthly Report will occasionally include links to in-depth or even scholarly articles of interest to political scientists, historians, and advanced students.

The Quarterly Grade will include periodic commentary or updates on education, the state of political science and social studies education, the Advanced Placement program, and updates from the College Board, national teacher organizations, and publications.

The Yearly Review provides useful activities and tools for end-of-course review, especially for the Advanced Placement national exam.

The Units listed to the right, coincide with the five units in the redesigned AP Government Course and Exam Description, and include activities, lessons, links, terms lists, video clips, and original content.

David’s book, AMSCO Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics (Perfection Learning), is a thorough yet concise, affordable text for anyone taking the AP Government and Politics exam. For more information, click here.

USGOPO.com provides links to the  Foundational Documents, the required Supreme Court cases, and the Civic Engagement Project (bottom right of page). You will find the site highly geared to the Advanced Placement(R) curriculum and goes well with David’s AMSCO book.