Newspaper Circulation FRQ

April 30, 2020 USGOPO 0

A Changing Media Landscape? The Free-Response Question (FRQ) is one of the most important aspects of the AP exam. This is your opportunity to showcase […]


April 29, 2020 USGOPO 0

Elusive Terms and Concepts. The National AP Government and Politics Exam is coming soon, and there’s always a handful of terms and concepts that get […]

Constitutional Clauses

April 28, 2020 USGOPO 0

There’s many to remember. We have here a list below, a 2-page PDF, and a Quizlett. 1. Necessary and Proper (Elastic) 2. Due Process (2) […]

Trump Dunks over Mueller

April 27, 2020 USGOPO 0

Political Cartoon. Political cartoons provide yet another avenue for commentary, explanation, or strong opinion in the arena of government and politics. Examine the above political […]

Ideology & Voting Blocs

April 24, 2020 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice Questions. To assess your knowledge and skills in government and politics, answer these sample multiple-choice questions. Here are some questions not dissimilar to the […]