Federalist #51

September 30, 2019 USGOPO 0

Foundational Document. Along with Federalist #10, Federalist #51 is commonly read in American high school government classes. Federalist #51 explores the necessity for a system […]

Approval Ratings

September 27, 2019 USGOPO 0

Measures for presidents and other officeholders. Take a look at this Gallup summary, a comprehensive data set that shows president’s average approval rating over their entire time […]

Ideologies and Opinions

September 26, 2019 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice Questions. To assess your knowledge and skills in government and politics, answer these sample multiple-choice questions. Here are some questions much like you might […]

Public Opinion Questions

September 25, 2019 USGOPO 0

Multiple-Choice, Comparison Tables. Below are 3 multiple choice questions much like those you might see on a national exam. Choose the correct line with 2 […]

Voting Preferences by Gender

September 24, 2019 USGOPO 0

How wide is the Gender Gap? The line graph at the link provided seeks to explore the differences in political preferences between male and female voters […]